Two-thirds of businesses now use telematics

The number of businesses in the UK using telematics technology has surged during the last year, according to the latest RAC telematics report. Almost two-thirds of enterprises surveyed revealed that they now use vehicle tracking technology. This is a substantial increase on the 38% that did so in 2015. The data shows that the take-up is widespread across different industries, although business services, retail and construction are leading the way.
The Seven Eye system can support businesses aiming to lower fuel costs, engage with analytics and lower maintenance costs. Many of those operating in the frozen and chilled food logistics sector have deployed innovative information technology across their fleets. However this does not mean greater integration with monitoring services is not possible.
Many enterprises are now embracing vehicle technology as the clear real-world benefits heavily outweigh any previous concerns or misgivings. Vehicle condition monitoring and vehicle diagnostics are of upmost importance when ensuring your fleet runs effectively. Faults must be dealt with promptly, fleet managers want to be alerted in order to schedule maintenance.

Seven Eye
Upgrading your Transcan to make use of the Seven Eye tracking system could transform your vehicle tracking and temperature monitoring capabilities. The unparalleled range features offered by Seven Eye includes; Snail Trail functions, Geo-fence alerts and a Live search and location function.
Seven Eye is built for the digital age. You can access, track and monitor historical data from any Smartphone or web browser. Integration with our Transcan temperature data loggers results in a class-leading, complete solution .