Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions section. Here you will be able to find the most common questions that we receive regarding our products/services. Although we are happy to support you we would advise you to check through these questions and answers before contacting us.

Almost certainly not. Each recorder is factory calibrated against traceable standards and accuracy of measurement of the TranScan system is normally within a few tenths of one degree Celsius.

The most common cause of the two temperatures being different is that the sensing elements are in different locations within the fridge compartment. For example the fridge sensor is normally located in the air return (“air on”) section of the evaporator and this is where we recommend that one of the TranScan sensors is located. If the fridge and the TranScan do not coincide first check that the sensors are in the same location and as near as possible to each other.

The TranScan will probably take readings from a second sensor located at the rear of the compartment in order to indicate air temperature distribution. This sensor will only show good correlation with the fridge sensor when the air circulation is good, a load at the correct temperature is present in the compartment and the fridge has been running long enough to allow the air temperature to properly stabilise.

TranScan recorders use resistive sensors called thermistors and the range of the instrument is -50C to +50C. When the sensor is not connected or the cable is broken or damaged (open circuit) then the recorder will display -50C or ÔÇô.

Similarly if the recorder input is shorted then the display will show +50C or ++. The most likely cause of a reading of -50C or ÔÇö is therefore a faulty connection.

Call our Sales Desk and we will guide you through a simple check procedure or arrange for an engineer to visit you to rectify the problem.

Absolutely not. Data cannot be erased from the TranScan memory and it is possible to print stored recordings as often as required.

The standard data memory holds 5 months of data and a large memory with over 1 year’s capacity is available as an option. When the data memory is full the oldest data is overwritten by the newest.

There are two principal reasons why a data logger integrated into the fridge pack might not be acceptable.

Firstly the European Norm for temperature recorders requires that the measurement system used should be independent of the fridge control system. This is to ensure that any errors in the measuring system that could affect control accuracy are not duplicated in the monitoring process.

Secondly, most integral data loggers have been designed with the fridge engineer in mind and generally record copious information that most vehicle users don’t need, probably can’t understand and which can only be accessed with a laptop with specialised software.

It’s much easier and convenient to press the TranScan print button and obtain a Delivery or Journey Ticket printout.