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TranScan® Temperature Dataloggers

  • Individual temperature sensor inputs for complete temperature monitoring visibility
  • Standard temperature datalogger alarm sets
  • Unlimited temperature datalogger status inputs including door, defrost, fridge power, and a user defined
  • Integral printer
  • Delivery tickets, journey tickets and multi-day printouts
  • Numerical and graphical journey ticket printout modes
  • Each TranScan® temperature datalogger supports 8 languages
  • 9 - 36v DC power supply
  • Approved to EU standard EN12830, regulations 37/2005 (Frozen Food) and 850/2004 (HACCP) DEFRA EC No1/2005 approved

TranScan® Temperature Monitoring with SevenEye® "Cool Track"

  • Real-time remote temperature monitoring from any browser or smartphone
  • Historical temperature reporting
  • Fully interactive temperature sensor graph
  • Out-of-range temperature alarms
  • Clear alarm visibility
  • Full KPI reporting suite

SevenEye® Vehicle Tracking

  • Vehicle tracking equipment installed by our own fully trained dedicated technicians
  • Suitable for use upon vehicles, trailers and coldstores
  • Realtime asset location with status
  • Top-level live fleet view
  • SMS and email alerts
  • Fully customisable reporting suite
  • Google Maps with live traffic overlay
  • Multi-tiered user/depot login
  • Draws less than 1milliamp when sleeping and includes mains power fail detection

CANbus Integration

  • Driver performance analysis on a driver, depot, and fleet scale
  • Full fuel metric analysis, reduce fuel bills by up to 20%!
  • Digital tachograph integration, automated driver timesheets
  • Vehicle axle weight sensor, alerts for overloaded vehicles
  • Overspeed and harsh-braking with location

Active Eye - Your Reliable Witness

  • Customers with vehicle CCTV systems are already reporting decreases in their driver insurance premiums
  • The cameras benefit from being fully integrated with Google Earth and can provide vehicle location via GPS, as well as all the other Vehicle Dynamics that a fleet manager needs to monitor; acceleration, braking, speed and G forces upon impact.