Seven keeps an eye on London bread deliveries

Dry Freight GPS Vehicle Tracking

By fitting the latest SevenEye vehicle tracking system from Seven Telematics to its three new Mercedes Sprinter delivery vans, top London baker Frankonia The Bread House has been able to improve even further the quality of its daily delivery service to its prestigious customers that includes some of London’s leading chefs and five-star hotels.

According to Kevin Devine from Frankonia, “The SevenEye tracking facility not only enables us to monitor the performance of the driver, and the vehicle, but it also helps with customer relations. We are now able to identify exactly where our vehicles are located, as well as the exact time of delivery, in the event of customers ringing up for an urgent delivery update.”

For their three new delivery vehicles, Frankonia specified the SevenEye Vehicle Tracking equipment from Seven Telematics, as well as upgrading the tracking system to include CANbus Integration for enhanced driver and vehicle performance data.

By the very nature of bread delivery operations, the three new Mercedes Sprinters at Frankonia perform an intensive delivery schedule each day, with the delivery journeys undertaking between 60 and 90 drops per day, on a six days a week schedule.

As Kevin says “We supply our range of bread products to high-profile customers and the timing of our deliveries, especially in the early morning, is critical. The information provided by the Seven Telematics tracking system helps us with our customer relations as we can confirm exact times of deliveries as well as, if required, providing customers with text messages confirming the delivery, at the time that the delivery has been completed.”

Initially, Frankonia was recommended to Seven Telematics by one of Seven’s current customers and, following an initial demonstration of the SevenEye system, Frankonia decided to specify this vehicle tracking system on all three of its latest delivery vehicles. As part of the product induction, Frankonia was given a full and comprehensive on-site training programme by one of Seven’s technical team so that they could identify the essential data required, whilst ensuring that they achieved the maximum benefit from the many features of the system.

We were able to set up the SevenEye tracking so that the data is broken down to very precise levels. Many of our customers are literally clustered very closely together. In fact, on some roads in central London, we deliver more or less to every Gentleman’s Club, hotel or restaurant on that particular road. The really clever feature of the SevenEye system is that the identification of exact delivery times is made so easy, even on such close proximity deliveries” commented Kevin Devine.

According to Frankonia, another additional useful tool within the SevenEye package is its Geo-fencing facility, which allows them to know, not just that the bread has been delivered to a customer, but also to send text messages to that particular customer, confirming that the bread has actually been delivered. As Kevin comments, “In a busy top London hotel kitchen for example, this facility is incredibly useful to the chefs and makes their life so much easier within their hectic work environment.”

The benefit of having CANbus Integration also plays an important role for Frankonia, in terms of confirming the delivery performance of each vehicle and the driver. One of the company’s Mercedes Sprinter vans predominantly covers motorway work around the M25 and the SevenEye system has already confirmed that this particular vehicle achieves far better fuel economy than the other vehicles that are purely working on central London deliveries.

“Overall, we feel that the addition of the vehicle tracking equipment from Seven Telematics has been a very valuable additional feature on our new fleet of vans. The software features undoubtedly help with improved customer relations and gives customers full confidence in our delivery service. Once we have baked the bread, customers can then relax in the knowledge that it will also be delivered as promised. Customers need delivery information at their fingertips and the SevenEye tracking system gives us exactly the right type of information” concluded Kevin Devine.