Keeping your reputation on track with telematics

Keeping your reputation on track with telematics

In business, reputation is everything. But too many companies forget that their choice of telematics technology is as important to their public and commercial reputation as their marketing, or overall performance. Recent research has proven that more and more businesses are recognising the value of telematics. The RAC Telematics Report 2016 showed that the number of UK companies using telematics vehicle tracking technology in 2016 has almost doubled since 2015. On the surface, this seems like a very good thing. But the question is: does the rush for telematics include recognition of the value of temperature monitoring technology? If not, businesses could leave themselves open to risks to their reputation for a number of reasons:

Managing public perception
In an online-fixated world, all it takes is one incident to undermine a company’s reputation. Even in a non-fatal case, the impact of food poisoning as a result of faulty refrigeration technology on the move can cost a company dearly. By choosing a telematics system that provides detailed data on temperature fluctuations in real-time, you can significantly reduce the potential risks to your company’s public standing.

Maintaining customers trust
Consistent quality is the foundation of all great client relationships. The right choice of telematics provider can have a major impact on your partnerships with customers. Again, while many telematics systems offer some measure of data and some level of peace of mind, not many offer proven ways to protect a company’s hard-earned reputation with its clients. Yet even one or two failures to deliver as expected and to the quality demanded can have a knock-on effect on a company’s commercial status.

Taking the long-term view
Reputation is a hard-earned asset which relies on having long-term resources in place. Companies need to be sure that the system they choose safeguards them by providing vital data well beyond the immediate term, including of course, detailed temperature data for all cargo. Stricter government and EU legislation also means that this type of information is no longer a nice-to-have, but a necessity. Enduring business credibility involves ensuring that your telematics technology has the capacity to store all key data in the long-term and the ability to prove that you’re continually working to prevent the risk of violations.

Driving up company profile
According to recent research, most British motorists are put off a brand when its company’s drivers are unsafe or rude. There’s no doubt that a company’s drivers hold its reputation in their hands. A good telematics system should be able to give you detailed insight into driver behaviour, not only into how they drive, but the way manage the vehicle and its cargo. Having this kind of trackable data consistently available in real-time can enables companies to consistently manage their reputation – wherever their drivers are.

Advancing business credibility
Your reputation is only as good as the quality of your last delivery. This makes reliable fleet performance absolutely essential. But achieving it can be challenging in the face of increasing road traffic and issues around peak times of year – never mind the unexpected, such as road traffic accidents. Effective telematics technology can actively protect your reputation by giving you accurate real-time insight into what’s happening on the road and allowing you to swiftly re-route around problems as they occur. With the right temperature logging telematics in place, you can track the state of the cargo at the same time. This helps put you in control of your reputation with your client because you can let them know about any changes before they become issues.

With the use of telematics on the rise, companies need to think very carefully about the decision they make. Because the right choice of telematics system can do even more than protect their reputation: it can actively enhance it.

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