Your customers love telematics, even if they don’t realise it.

Customers mean everything to a successful business. It’s interesting then, that despite the rise in the use of telematics, companies are still underestimating its impact on their customers. 2016 was a big year for telematics, with a big increase in the take-up of the technology, according to the RAC Telematics Report 2016. In the research, businesses surveyed said that that the following benefits were among their main motivations for introducing telematics:  lower fuel costs (55%), fewer accidents (43%) and a reduction in maintenance costs (31%)  (Source: While these are all very important reasons, what about the advantages that the right telematics technology provides to customers?

Rising expectations
Shoppers  expectations are on the rise. This is both an opportunity and an added pressure for companies. Whether it’s making sure that the right products are available at high volume at peak season or that perishable products arrive in optimum condition in all weathers, a good telematics system maintains a seamless link between a brand and its customers. Having detailed information on precisely what’s happening with a fleet at any one time also allows a company to stay accountable to its customers. By doing this, a high-quality telematics system plays an essential part in meeting public demand and actively strengthening customer loyalty and business credibility.

Unseen ally
When it comes to keeping its customers happy, a company’s telematics system should be invisible. This is because, when telematics technology works right, it doesn’t need to be seen. All the customers notice is that they get the products they want when they want them. This makes it essential to use a telematics system which covers all the bases, for example, by providing constant recording with temperature recorders to measure the air temperature inside refrigerated vehicles, alongside GPS trackers. Having features like these as standard makes the delivery of all kinds of products much safer and more accountable, a definite plus for your customers, even if they never know about it. The irony is the less your customers notice about your telematics system, the better your business reputation!

Greener and leaner
The environment has never been closer to consumers  hearts than it is now. Customers look to their favourite brands and stores to reduce their impact on the planet. The right choice of telematics system can actively support a company’s goal to reduce its carbon footprint. A good telematics system is great news for a company’s customers because it responds to growing public concern about the environment.

The vital link
For most people, life is hectic.┬á As consumers, they want to access the products they like quickly, conveniently and safely. Many of them also want to be reassured that the companies they buy from are managing their environmental responsibilities as much as possible. A good telematics system helps companies to achieve all that.┬á As far as a company’s customers are concerned, a good telematics system should be as powerful as it is invisible.

Telematics technology may be a “behind the scenes” asset, but it is a vital link between businesses and their customers. Whether your customer is the shopper on the high street or a high-street brand, the right choice of telematics can help make them happier and more loyal. Isn’t that something every business wants to achieve?

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