How to use telematics to enhance driver performance

How to use telematics to enhance driver performance
Drivers are potentially a company’s greatest strength – and its greatest weakness. Out on the road, the behaviour of fleet drivers can significantly shape the perception of a brand.  While drivers are reported to be growing more comfortable with the use of telematics to manage their performance, the full range of potential benefits are still not being harnessed by businesses. So, how can a good telematics system help positively influence driver behaviour?

Carrot, not stick
The way a company communicates its use of a telematics system will make all the difference to how well it is accepted by drivers. No matter how good a system is, if it is presented as more stick than carrot, its benefits will only go so far. This is why it is important to highlight the advantages of having a high-quality telematics system to drivers.  Showcase the value of the system for them, as well as for the business. As recent research reveals:

Case studies have shown that companies with an implemented telematics solution report that drivers are more accepting when integrated with a program which acknowledges safe driving behaviours. According to Sprint Business, drivers who understand that telematics can exonerate them from false claims support these solutions even more.

Communicating the benefits of your telematics system with drivers is a vital first step towards it having a positive impact on their performance.

Turn transparency to their advantage
The more insight you can share with your drivers about their behaviour, the greater its impact. Making your telematics data transparent will help demonstrate its value. Present the data that your system provides as an asset for your driver, giving them a better understanding of how they perform on the road. A recent article in The Guardian states:

Behavioural scientists have recently found that nudges can successfully change behaviour… Driver assistance systems, such as those that give feedback on driving speed, have been successfully used. Studies have shown that the amount of time spent driving 10% over the speed limit significantly decreased when drivers were provided with real-time visual and audio feedback.

By choosing a telematics system that offers both in-depth real-time insight and detailed reports, companies can give drivers a broader perspective on their performance and how to enhance it. Providing drivers with insights through a KPI reporting suite on events such as sudden or hard braking, and where these occur, for example, can help to highlight potential issues with specific routes and how they can be addressed. These opportunities for feedback could help make a significant difference to long-term driving performance throughout a company.

Friendly competition
As we all know, competition can be a powerful force. A high-quality telematics system should be able to provide a range of very specific information but should also enable it to be compared across drivers – or even across depots. This includes full insight into aspects such as fuel usage, cruising and other aspects of driver behaviour. Presenting this information in an easily comparable way creates a productive but friendly rivalry which is already helping to raise driving standards in a number of companies.

Insight into action
Influencing drivers’ behaviour through telematics is not simply about controlling their actions on the road, but sharing data which will boost driving performance, protect your brand and enhance your company’s health and safety record. By providing a greater depth of insight and the tools to share it effectively, the right choice of telematics can help make that a reality.

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