Temperature, Do you speak it?

Temperature Monitoring

After emerging from recession, October officially saw the UK government announce that the country had started on the long road to recovery. However with the recent announcement of the EuroZone slowing and the rising cost of raw materials, its clear a significant amount of work is still required by businesses to remain competitive for the critical festive period.

The UK Frozen and Chilled Food and Pharmaceutical sectors look to have provided relative resilience with all three markets showing persistent signs of growth in sales value and/or volume. The UK Frozen Food market grew in value by 6.3% in 2011, whilst over the same period the Chilled Food sector grew by 6.1%. The UK Pharmaceutical sector grew by 3% in 2011, with a global market value now estimated to be around 601 bn. With this growth an increase in the volume of products passing through specialised temperature controlled distribution centres is expected, rewarding hauliers who have invested in dynamic supply chain logistic systems specifically with temperature in mind.