SevenEye Version 2.5 Now Live

Seven Eye Vehicle Tracking & Driver Performance
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We’re excited to announce that our SevenEye system has received its largest ever upgrade. SevenEye v2.5 brings a host of powerful new database and interface upgrades. These include Google Maps Streetview, Digital Tacho Integration, and Nearest Vehicle Search. Please see below for the exact details on what we’ve added.

Google Maps StreetView

This works in exactly the same manner as Google Maps’ own website – just drag the new Pegman control to where you want to go, and the map will change to StreetView. Google’s familiar controls will then appear for navigating through the 3D space. Click the little ‘x’ in the top-right to exit.

Digital Tacho Integration

Vehicles that run the SevenEye CANbus connectivity package with FMS 2.0 CANbus standard and a FMS controller device can now display driver tacho details through SevenEye, delivering automated driver time sheets alongside simple tachograph history graphs.

  • We are able to display Tacho card insertion and removal events.
  • Tacho Mode Changes (Drive/Work/Rest/Available)
  • Tacho Card ID.

Please contact email our sales team for more information regarding Digital Tachograph integration.

CANbus Events

We have drastically improved the integration of CANbus data with GPS data through SevenEye. On a per login basis we are now able to tell you exactly where an incident of “Harsh-Braking”, “OverSpeed”, and “Over-Revving” occurred. A simple mechanism is used to display these using the existing ‘snail-trail’ feature.

Temperatures in Celsius or Fahrenheit

This is now possible, and can be configured upon request. Temperatures can be shown in either Celsius or Fahrenheit, or on a per-login basis.

Map Search

A long wished for feature was to be able to specify a location on a map with a date and time range, and view all units that have been in the location. This is now possible by moving the map to the place of interest, right-clicking and selecting ‘Map Search’.

Google Maps API Upgrade to v3

Version 3 of this API is especially designed to be faster and more applicable to mobile devices, as well as traditional desktop browser applications.

Drag-gable Waypoints

You can now fine tune a waypoints position on the explorer page. To adjust a waypoints position – left click. drag. then drop. Simple!

Map Locate and Nearest Vehicle Search

The old map Locate search function was a little to vague, a frequently requested feature was to be able to see the exact location with a pinpoint. We’ve added just that, use the new Locate search box and a marker will appear over the returned location.

Alarm Indication on Map

We have further increased the visibility of trailer units in alarm. An alarm indication can now be clearly seen above an icon on the SevenEye explorer page.

New Asset Icon: ‘4×4’

A new asset icon has been introduced, which indicates a ‘4×4’ vehicle. This can be selected from the Fleet/Edit Asset screen as usual.

Snail Trail Journey History

There’s a new 3rd column in the Snail Trail journey history that explicitly says the event each location fix corresponds to; The colours remain, because they provide information over and above the event type.

SevenEye Logo

Upon request, the logo at the top-left of the website can now be configured to be a custom logo on a per login basis.

Temperature Chart – Initial View

Now by default temperature chart sensors can be configured to be checked or unchecked when the ‘Sensor Data’ page first appears.

EU Cookie Law

Our website fully meets the EU’s “Opinion 04/2012 on Cookie Consent Exemption”.

Tabbed Sensor Charts & Tables

Vehicles that send data which requires multiple charts (and only for those vehicles) tabs will appear on the Sensor Data page, where you can click on the “Temperature” tab or the “Weight” tab, for example. These tabs are fully configurable and can be used to display any type of sensor data processed by the SevenEye system.

Miscellaneous / Bug Fixes

Alarm Background Colour Fix