SevenEye fuels Freightliner MPG savings

GPS Tracking

whilst significantly reducing insurance claims!

Seven Telematics are pleased to announce they have fitted an additional 102 remote monitoring devices onto Freightliner Road Services (FRS) vehicles. The 102 installations took place across 6 depots and brings Freightliners total live assets with Seven Telematics to 164.

Richard Branston of Freightliner comments, “Freightliner Road Services have used Seven Telematics SevenEye system for the last five years, this has enabled FRS to efficiently track and manage a fleet of vehicles at an extremely competitive price. Seven Telematics team sat down with us and demonstrated what appeared to initially be an endless list of options, but recommended a trial and configuration as a starting point to ensure we received maximum benefit for our operation. After several weeks of trial and a few minor adjustments we had the exact system required. A system which recognized the variances of our business, developed by engineers who understand transport, and who appeared totally committed to our objectives”.

The KPI reporting suite recently deployed by the Seven Telematics development team provides management with a top level view of driver performance, fuel metrics, and fleet routing analysis. These reports have been designed with the view to improving supply chain efficiencies, whilst controlling ever increasing variable cost levels. Richard adds “We have demonstrated a fleet wide real MPG improvement of up to 25%, but equally impressive is that we have seen a significant decrease in the quantity of insurance claims! Our drivers are now more conscientious due to the quality of information presented by the SevenEye reporting suite. The reports have enabled FRS to improve driver efficiency by allowing us to tailor training and briefs to each individual drivers requirements. Why else would FRS have committed to Seven Eye for another 7 years!”.