Reed Boardall is now using Seven Eye

Reed Boardall Temperature Data Logger

With a refrigerated trailer fleet of approximately 280 trailers that predominantly use the TranScan 2 data logging system from Seven Telematics, Reed Boardall has further extended its relationship with Seven Telematics by recently incorporating its Cool Track remote monitoring software within 60 of its current trailer fleet.

According to Marcus Boardall, group finance director at The Reed Boardall Group,

Last year we made the decision to switch from the incumbent supplier of our trailer tracking software. We chose to trial the Cool Track system from Seven Telematics as we had always had good reliable service from the company over the previous 10 years, with regards to the substantial number of TranScan 2 data loggers in our fleet. The first trial Cool Track units went into service during last year and performed really well in our fleet operation. The response from the technical team at Seven was superb, as they reacted so quickly to our specific operational needs, showing first class attention to detail.

Following this rigorous evaluation exercise during 2014, Reed Boardall initially ordered 30 Cool Track systems for its fleet and, for ease of installation, these were incorporated within the existing TranScan temperature recorders, going into service towards the end of last year. This first batch of Cool Track systems has been followed up by a second order for a further 30 Cool Track systems that are now currently being installed in the Reed Boardall trailer fleet.

As part of the 60 systems deal, the Cool Track software incorporates a bespoke data feed created specifically for Reed Boardall by Seven’s technical team and this automatically collects and stores the TranScan data on Reed Boardall’s dedicated in house computer system in their traffic office at Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire.

“We have our own front-end system for the refrigerated trailer fleet that can take data from a variety of telematics devices, so the switchover to Seven Telematics for remote trailer tracking and monitoring took place with absolutely no interruption in service at all, which was an essential factor for us”,added Marcus Boardall.

By operating the TranScan Temperature Monitoring with Cool Track remote monitoring, Reed Boardall now has an effective reefer trailer system that enables real-time remote temperature monitoring of its fleet. The Cool Track system also enables historical temperature reporting, provides a fully interactive temperature sensor graph, as well as out-of-range temperature alarms and clear alarm visibility, all of which is supported by full KPI reporting.

“With over 10 year’s operational experience of working with Reed Boardall, we were able to tailor our Cool Track system to their specific individual requirements and now they have an extremely effective remote monitoring facility for these trailers. They will know instantly if there is a problem with the cargo and have the time to do something about it. The system also allows them to fully interrogate the TranScan data loggers remotely and store/access live and historical temperature data”,commented Michael Kane, Sales Director at Seven Telematics.