Keep Control in a Critical Climate

Good Distribution Practice

The Office of Health Economics has projected that the UK pharmaceutical market is to grow annually from between 3.1% to 4.1% until 2015. Naturally this growth is expected to bring a significant increase in the quantity of temperature critical products being transported. In particular, vaccines must be properly managed from the time they are manufactured until they are administered.

The success of vaccines is directly attributed to proper handling and storage throughout the cold chain. Vaccines stored or handled incorrectly have reduced potency and effectiveness, cost significant amounts in wastage, and cause a loss of patient confidence. It isn’t possible to tell if a vaccine has become nonviable through looking or touching. It is therefore critically important that an alarm is raised when a temperature problem manifests. This enables a swift structured response to rectify a situation preventing problems further along the chain.

With increasingly large amounts of capital being invested in today’s automated cold chain systems. If a Transcan prevents just one temperature critical load from spoiling, the return on investment will be very short indeed. Most vaccines should be stored at basic refrigerator temperatures of 2-8°C with some live variants requiring storage below -15°C. Transcan temperature data loggers actively monitor and record the live temperature climate. By recording the live temperature environment a complete history is built.

The SevenEye vehicle tracking and remote monitoring system provides pharmaceutical companies with a live view of temperature. With SevenEye an out-of-range temperature breach will generate an SMS and/or email alert directly to the specified manager. With the addition of an external alarm kit the Transcan data logger will visibly alert those within proximity that attention is required.

Seven Telematics offer a range of Transcan data loggers and GPS vehicle tracking with remote temperature monitoring starting from as little as £5 per month. Transcan data loggers are manufactured in the UK and are designed to prevent temperature critical consignments from spoiling. For more information on the products and services offered by Seven Telematics please contact

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